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Oct 28, 2013 7:00pm EDT
christie or bruce springsteen. who did new jersey republicans say they'd rather drive cross country with. governor chris christie or bruce springsteen. everybody got their answers down. got a question about bruce springsteen. we got to go to the music man. steven, how are you? >> how are you doing? i'm doing great. >> that's quite the collection behind you. what's the story? >> thank you very much. i was an aspiring rock star until i lost my hair a little bit. didn't quite work out. but i still play every day. >> very, very cool. what do you play, steven? >> i play guitar and drums and i'm learning piano and sax sa phone and clarinet. governor chris christie or bruce springsteen? three for bruce, but, steven, you say chris christie? >> yeah. i got to go with chris christie. bruce is the man, but i don't know. i have a gut feeling. >> all right. let's see for $300 with 70% of the vote, yeah, we got it, steven. and you got it as well. governor chris christie is the correct answer. steven leaps into first place with $500. now folks time for the final question of this round. it is worth
Nov 5, 2013 6:00pm EST
chris christie. the republican is not only trying to win but to p win by a land slide in his democratic state, a victory he hopes will blaze a path forward for his party. after his final campaign rally we caught up with him. he's trimmer following lap band surgery in february, seem more ready than ever for a big run. >> i hear a lot of christy 2014. what do you say? >> whatever the future brings it will bring. first things first. >> reporter: but in music, in message, his future is starting now, embracing latino voters an pledging to compromise on spending and other big issues, unlike tea party fire brands like rand paul and ted cruz. >> our country brought people together. >> reporter: here in virginia voters also electing a governor but hillary clinton is stealing the show. >> terry mcauliffe is holding a narrow lead over republican ken cuccinelli. hilary and all of team clinton have mobilized to help mcauliffe win. >> i've been out of politics for a few years now. >> reporter: just as in new jersey a victory here for the clintons will serve as an early force for a machine
Oct 29, 2013 3:00am EDT
morning, new jersey governor chris christie will attend a statewide prayer service. and here along the jersey shore, people will shine flashlights. their message, light over the darkness sandy brought. john and diana? >> tahman bradley live for us at the jersey shore in ortley beach. >>> the head of the senate intelligence committee is calling for a top-to-bottom review of spy operations, following the bombshell revelation of the nsa spying on top world leaders. president obama is speaking out about the controversy in an exclusive interview with abc news partner, fusion. >> how is it you didn't know about the cell phones being looked at or listened to? and why didn't you know? and who should have told you? >> jim, as i said, i'm not here to talk about classified information. what i am confirming is the fact that we're undergoing a complete review of how our intelligence operates outside of the country. >> there are reports this morning that the administration is ready to ban spying on all leaders of our allies. and spain is the latest country to accuse the u.s. of monitoring its citize
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3